Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bunker...bollox...broken camera... :-<

Made a return trip to the Bunker drain today with Sal and once I'd talked her through the access point we headed deep underground to cries of 'bloody hell, wait for me, your legs are longer than mine!'. Well, at a diminutive 5'3" it's hardly surprising the Shireling had trouble keeping up. ;->

Tramping up the RCP together we spent ages looking at frogs, toads, eels and fish, before heading into the darkness, to more cries of 'don't get so far ahead, I don't like it! Slow down...' eventually we arrived at the huge chamber with the stepped downfall and we stopped for pictures and a mooch up the smaller pipe that led nowhere except to a gated infall. Was nice to see daylight though, and grab some fresh air.

We carried on up the drain after taking pictures, when I thought, 'oh, I'll get a pic of the two of us, either side of this pipe'. So, I set up the camera, tell Sal where to stand, hit the self timer button and then...ouch, the sound of a Nikon D200 and 17-35mm f2.8 lens hitting the concrete as I caught the tripod on my way past, F**K, this could be expensive.

As it turns out, the camera works fine, it just won't switch off, unless I unscrew the battery pack, not ideal, but it does the trick....Calumet here I come!!

All in was a good mooch until I noticed a rise in water levels towards the middle of the drain, at this point we decided to head back to the entry point, lest we get caught out.

Was a thoroughly enjoyable mooch, just wish I was more careful with my gear sometimes, lol.

TnM ;->

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Offkilter said...

Ouch dude.

Get the D200 working again at home?

Was thinking of taking my new Canon out on the next explore now thinking again...


c ksd11 said...

oh noes about your camera dude! :(

pdtnc said...

Scary camera Misshap!! eek!!!
Nice shots :) Love the water and tunnels.

Mendoza said...

Lol, the camera works fine, as said in the post, I just have to unscrew the battery pack to power it off.

Not to worry though, given some of the places I've taken it I'm surprised it's been so long before I gave it a proper crack!!