Sunday, 4 May 2008

Woah!!! Relentless X4 - Oh my!

Wow, whilst mooching about my favourite retail store of choice I spotted this!! A four pack of the mighty Relentless, woot, an entire days sustainance in an easy to carry plastic wrapped four pack (of convenience fame). And it's less than four quid.

It's like this you see, four cans equals breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, throw in a packet of Marlboro (Red) and a days exploring is complete.

The way to win is right there! Get them from Tesco, or your supermarket of choice (although Tesco is the winning choice, obviously).

TnM ;->

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c ksd11 said...

hehe nice, during my exams i lived off of this, coke and walkers sensations thai sweet chilli, FTW!

Dodgicity said...

you sick caffeined up puppy! ;- >