Sunday, 18 May 2008

Backbreaker...Somewhere in Cheshire...

Spent a good ninety minutes or so mooching up an unidentified pipe in Cheshire somewhere the other day. What started out as a hopefully interesting little stone built tunnel outflowing into a stream, quickly turned into at least a mile of backbreaking, leg-aching 5ft RCP. And fook me it was hard work.

After an hour or so of tramping upstream, stopping at every manhole access chamber to take the opportunity to stretch my back into an upright position, I was beaten, there was no end in site, so I turned back, slightly annoyed with myself, but with a plan to return. With any luck, and some further research, next time I'll be approaching from the other end.

It only took me half an hour on the way back out, caught on the tide of water and in a hurry to stand up straight, I really regretted wearing the exploring cardigan, I was soaked through with sweat.

The pics are fairly random, I don't want to give away exactly where this is yet, not until I've traversed the whole thing anyway, and also because I didn't find it, Ike, get in there!! ;->

Was fun, sort of.

TnM :->

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1 comment:

c ksd11 said...


photos top notch as usual mendo,

ace :)