Monday, 31 March 2008

Chilled out exploring, the finest kind of exploration...

Spent nearly all day Saturday out and about in Manchester and its environs mooching about in the rain, looking for some new stuff to explore. Found some stunning locations that are definatly gonna be hit over the next few weeks and months, all live and all gonna be good fun!!

Sunday though was a different matter all together. Waking up to pure sunny blue skies the weather couldn't have been better, and I'd just been reminded of somewhere in Stalybridge that I've been meaning to do for ages, Oakwood Mill in Millbrook.

The former cotton mill has slowly been falling apart for years, but there was something attractive about the yellow stone, decaying mess that lay before me. Finding access was easy enough, navigating the ruin of a building around me required care, the holes in the floor and random drops into the basement were enough to keep me on my toes throughout.

I spent a relaxed hour or so poking about and enjoying the fine weather and filth before making my escape, back to the reality of work and dealing with annoyed, angry people. Was good.

Wallerscote, Wallerscote, Wallerscote...

Is it any wonder I spend so much time wandering around the outside and inside of Brunner Mond's factories? When they look as good as they did this evening in the low setting sun, I can't help myself.

I stuck to the riverside path, not feeling the need to venture inside, the broken glass windows, Soda Ash and pure industrial goodness 40 feet across the River Weaver were enough to satisfy today's longing...

If I'd seen this sign previously I would have had second thoughts about taking Bungle in

All seemed quiet onsite, although the gate was open, usually a good sign someone is beavering away, I didn't see anyone driving or walking about. Still wasn't tempted to head in though, I'm giving security a break, they must be tired out putting all that anti-vandal paint and barbed wire everywhere. ;->

So, 45 minutes later, I left, wondering when I'll be back again, sometime, I told myself, sometime...

TnM :->

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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Aaarrggh!!! I'm too bloody busy!!!

Wow, I don't seem to have stopped exploring stuff since our space adventure a couple of weeks back, which is why I haven't had time to update this place for a while.

I'm gonna keep this fairly 'un-wordy' and let the pictures do the talking 'cos I'm absolutely shattered and my mental faculties are shutting down fast towards snoooooze status RED.

Right, bloody hell, where do I start? Met up with SmileySal a couple of weekends ago (I think, bleeurgh, bad memory lol) outside Dorma in Chinley, second time round for me at this place, but I absolutely love it, huge, filthy, industrial goodness and an easy peasy explore, great.

After that we headed up to Alexander Drew in Rochdale, again, second time round for me and more of the same, fooking great chilled out exploring!!

And then more Dodge Hill shelters, can't stay away from these, and after a little encouragement managed to get the tiny Sally, through the tiny hole, ACE, love Dodge Hill, love 'em.

Think there was a brief mooch around the remnants of Coalite near Bolsover, spotted by three geezers in the distance who promptly asked me to eff orf.

What else? Lymn air raid shelters, an impromptu solo explore of somewhere easy and nearby, no trouble from the cops unlike the last time I was having a mooch around them.

After that, a brief trip around the basement of Manchester Town Hall, clocked by security and quickly escorted off the premises by the nicest security guard I've ever met, tried to convince him to take me up the clock tower, but he was having none of it.

Then, more recently a return trip to Harpurhey Swimming Baths with Havoc, followed by my first visit to Park and Paterson in Marple. And on that note, I think that kind of brings me up to date, I think...

TnM ;->

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Monday, 10 March 2008

Jodrell Bank and BigVertigoMendoza - 08-09/03/08

Months and months ago I suggested to Dodge and Havoc, 'we should have a crack at Jodrell Bank', Dodge was all 'no way, not a chance and not in a million years'. Havoc on the other hand seemed to think the idea was a goer, so we started recceing the place.

On our first attempt, with Bungle, we were busted by a stealthy ninja security guard, hell, he was brandishing a torch as we made our entry, so we left it for a couple of weeks.

Fast forward those two weeks, and once again, we were approaching the 250ft high dish under cover of darkness. Myself, Havoc and Userscott quietly made our way closer, the sick, knotted feeling in my stomach was growing with every step I took, but Havoc and Scott’s confidence was contagious and we found ourselves outside the fence.

Within seconds Scott was over, closely followed by Havoc, closely followed by me. We ran onto the steps of the beast as she moved slowly past us, and found ourselves climbing a ladder to the first gantry; we’d already travelled 25 metres from our entry point as the telescope assumed its position. The giant stopped within view of the control room and we could see the astronomer working away. F*ck!

We were frozen to the spot as a security guard made his rounds, lying low like we've never lay low before, eventually he disappeared, we quickly made the decision that we’d seen enough for one night, we needed to get out of there, Scott was first down, followed by Havoc, followed by me, making the ten foot drop onto the grass and running full tilt towards the fence and quickly over.

We’d achieved what we wanted to achieve this evening, but wanted more…we returned the following day. This time there were four of us, myself, Havoc, Userscott and Bungle. I'd spent the day as nervous as hell, seriously thinking about giving it a miss, for whatever reason, I just had a bad feeling.
We found an alternative access point, I stalled, then went over the fence, then stalled again, Scott came running over, 'you're gonna be fine, it's ladders all the way', I followed him across the empty ground and up the first ladder, then stalled, Bungle was behind me, 'get yourself up there Bungle, son, tell 'em I can't do it, I got the fear!'.

As soon as my hand touched the rungs of the ladder, I felt the panic and terror set in, I'd be no good freezing on a ladder, not on a site like this, so I quickly made the decision to head back down and act as ground crew, keeping an eye on security whilst the other three made it to the top.

I was gutted with myself, but still sat at the bottom grinning from ear to ear as I watched the three of them make it to the top and disappear into the control box, what a buzz, even for me sat on the ground, stunning work, guys, I'm really, really proud of you!!

Over the past 48 hours or so, I've spent 40 or 50 minutes, sat, stood, lying, climbing the Lovell Telescope, does it constitute an explore, in my eyes, yes, I did it, we did it, and we didn't get caught!!

What next? Something less high I hope...

TnM :->

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Monday, 3 March 2008

Foreigners, filth and Justine's buttocks - Another great weekend!!

Saturday came around, I'd already decided I couldn't be arsed getting up early to explore anything so arose from a deep slumber around 11am. 10 minutes later my phone is ringing, it's Romanian1, I was still hungover and only on my first coffee of the day, call rejected.

I phoned him back half an hour later, he says, 'the Iranian Consulate is doable, I've already been in', I says 'great, I'll be round your's for one, stick the kettle on'.

We made our way in to the house and were amazed to find absolutely shed loads of stuff lying around, passport or visa applications, Iranian literature (including a biography of the Ayotollah Khomeni), pictures of aforementioned chap, allsorts of great stuff to root through!

The house is a lovely mix of Victorian design and Arabic taste, could probably do with some modernisation as the decor and furniture is very dated (think 1980s, and we all know there was NO taste for that 10 year period).

Following our visit to the consulate we headed up to Warrington (a place that needs looking at closely, I'm sure the town has quite a bit to offer), to have a look at Garnett's Cabinet Works. Sadly, we could only look from the outside, 'cos there wasn't any access available despite looking in all directions, so we headed north to RAF Croft.

This was an enjoyable mooch for an hour or so, just a bit of a shame we didn't arrive 'til late and it got dark, leaving us with one torch between us (I left my headtorch in my camera bag at home, doh!). There's loads of interesting little feature like the stage and parquet flooring, original lamp shades and whatnot, worthy of a revisit I think.


Sunday. I was working. The Bungle (of Rainbow fame) texted me, 'what you doing this afternoon?'. Working, 'til one. 'You fancy having a look at that chemical place in Rochdale?'. Damn right I do, I'll be round your's for 2 o'clock!

So, we arrived about three-ish, at one of the best unexplored explores in the area, Alexander Drew, textile printers. And it was fooking unbelievably great. How this place has been missed for the four or five years it's been closed I do not know, but this place should be high on the list of any explorer in the Manchester area!

Not only is the place huge, it is also stuffed with, well, stuff including textile samples, chemicals, accounts, company stationery just loads and loads of stuff worthy of perusal, I loved it, absolutely loved it, if only for the graffiti written by the workforce, including the 'Life is Justine's buttocks', who was Justine? I'd like to check out her buttocks, they made an impression on somebody.

More pics can be found over at Derelict Places, a great weekend of urbex action!!

Iranian Consulate

RAF Croft

Alexander Drew Textiles

TnM :->

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