Monday, 28 April 2008

Anonymous comments enabled...

Right, after months of requiring a google account to leave comments on my blog I'm opening it up to anonymous users. It could be interesting, it could be really dull, I'm kinda hoping someone from Brunner Mond will leave a remark, even if it consists of 'stay the fook away from our factories, you cheeky varmint!'.

Don't be a twat about it though will you dear reader, anything I don't like will be deleted, just 'cos I can, although healthy discussion is always encouraged.

Go for it folks, abuse my generosity.

TnM ;->

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bungle666 said...

Anonymous comments!!!

could be lol!!!


Anonymous said...

stay the fook away from our factories, you cheeky varmint!

Mendoza said...

It was so worth doing if only for the above comment, thanks guys!! lol ;->


Dodgicity said...

*cough* it was me *cough* but i'm sure you already knew that LOL

Mendoza said...

I had the feeling it might have been.