Friday, 18 April 2008

From Bridon to Burtonwood - April 08

A quick update on a couple of cracking explores me and Sal boxed off recently. First up was a return trip to Bridon Wireworks in Ambergate, Derbyshire (cast your minds back to September last year when Havoc and I first did it). Back then, only the huge sheds were doable.

Now though, the offices and labs have opened up and are a sight to behold, stuffed to brimming with interesting paperwork and all manner of scientific equipment and apparatus.

Well worth going back for, if only we hadn't arrived 'til late, we could have mooched around a bit more of the site. One to return to for a third time, I reckon.

USAF Burtonwood

Then on Wednesday we stopped by at the amazing USAF Burtonwood just outside Warrington. These hangars/storage bunkers have never been open for as long as I've been keeping an eye on them, but, as my old dad used to say, 'fortune favours the persistent, Mendo', we rolled up and found one of them with an access, brilliant.

Spent a good couple of hours onsite inside and outside these incredible buildings, totally empty and devoid of 'stuff', but still mesmerising due the the scale and construction, loved seeing inside, it was amazing (although if the pikeys knew how much metal is in there, they'd be circling the caravans)!!

Burtonwood is fantastic, such a shame these storage bunkers will probably be demolished, thanks English Partnerships, thanks for nothing.

TnM :->

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Dodgicity said...

AHahahahahh that photo in the light is something else! Mendo summoned by the gods! LOL

Mendoza said...

Cheers, dude, but I can assure you I'm still here.



Sally-Ann said...

Dam, and you never mentioned Mr Pooh Fingers hahaha.

This was a fab day (again ;) ), looking forward to going back here. Maybe next time i may actually move away from the entry point lol.

:) Sal X