Thursday, 28 February 2008

I need a Fenix ffs! - 22/02/08

When bungle calls you at about lunchtime and says, 'fancy doing something tonight?', I get a dread feeling in my stomach, here we go again, 'what you got in mind, Bungle, son?'.

A terrace and a tunnel he tells me, up Halifax way (I hate Halifax, I used to live there a few years back, or as near as damnit), get to his about 6ish. Fearing my lighting would be a little inadequate for lighting a tunnel, I called the Wino, 'need to borrow your fenix, mate, Bungle has a tunnel...and a terrace'.

So a quick trip down to Wino country to collect the beast of a torch and I'm set, well, after buying some wellies in B&Q, and some cheap jeans in ASDA (I know, I know, should have gone to Tesco, think of the clubcard points)!

We arrived at Wainhouse Terrace in Halifax and spent a good forty minutes waving torches around and dodging used syringes, got some decent pics out of the place too, as well as some funny looks from the locals.

We then headed over to errm..Bacup (I think it was anyway), whatever, it was tunnel, and it was dark. Fenix powered lighting though works wonders in dark places and soon enough we'd exhausted all opportunities a disused tunnel can offer, thoroughly enjoyed some of the pictures I got though.

Was a good night in the end, cheers Bungle.
You can find the torch in question here.

TnM :->

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c ksd11 said...

Cool! like the silhouette shot a lot

- the onetwotwofour archives

Eddy said...

If you trust it, ebay have fenixs at abnout £10 below retail.
I've been tempted to get one for a while now!

Mendoza said...

Cheers guys. Might go the ebay route, you're not my mate Eddy from Blackley are you Eddy?

TnM :->

Eddy said...

Sorry i'm not Eddy from Blackley. I'm Eddy from explore manc (j3bu)