Wednesday, 20 February 2008

ThenewMendoza Salt Mine excavation (of back yard fame) - 20/02/08

Ok chaps, here is the problem, fearing my drain pipe was busted following the great sewage flood of last week I decided to investigate the wonky flagstone at the east end of my estate.

Upon liftage of said stone I was faced with a gaping chasm, I immediately reached for my head torch and headed in a little closer, documentary evidence of what I was faced with can be found in the picture SaltMine1.

I donned my Phil (cornish bloke off time team) hat and began carefully excavating the shitty mess that lay before me. I faced brick, soil (of all varieties), lady products and other monsters of the deep. I finally hit the object of my diggage, the drain, I'm naming it Supershitter.

I went for my drain rods and gave the damn thing what for until the flow of water which was quite an immense build-up, began flowing freely, I could hear it trickling away into the main public sewer. A most welcome aural pleasure.

The picture SaltMine2 (above) shows what I am left with, it seems there is half a pipe (cut lengthways??) that is causing the problem and needs replacing with a closed variety. Unfortunately there are a number of bricks (possible foundations for the carriage house) leaning on the pipe which I am too scared to move, lest said carriage house comes collapsing down upon itself.

The gaping wound in my back yard needs sorting, chaps, what would you do?

Captain Mendoza (of the 45th drain dig battalion) ;->

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