Sunday, 10 February 2008

Wow! What a weekend - 09/10/02/08

I think we've hit seven sites over the weekend, including three new, unexplored places. First up was a HUGE textile mill in Manchester, a pleasant surprise, as part of a live site it was great fun stealthing about the place, we even returned on Sunday to check out a few areas we missed.

After that we did the tiny, but 'bootyful' Hyde police station, it was rubbish really, but there were a few interesting bits and bobs left lying around.
Following that we had a look at the York House Hotel in Ashton-under-Lyne, it was an absolute hellhole, but it's off the 'list' now. Then Havoc and I headed up to Greenfield to have a look at the huge Knoll spinning mill, which was absolutey fantastic, I'm surprised more people haven't done this place considering it's two minutes up the road from Fletcher's Paper Mill.

Then we headed to Barnes Hospital in Cheadle, one of those places that has always been there, but we never got round to doing, so again, it's done and off the list.
As already mentioned we returned to the huge textile mill on Sunday with Romanian1, who seemed to enjoy it, despite the fact we had to make a sharp exit when I heard the sound of large angry dog somewhere on site, could have been police, could have been security, either way, we weren't hanging round to find out!!
After that I had to do a couple of jobs for work then headed back to Stockport's Dodge Hill shelter again, this time with a bag of tealight candles. It was a complete mither, lighting 72 of them, I couldn't even be bothered doing the top flight of steps!!

Was a great weekend though, fantastic weather and fantastic exploration fun. On top of that, between myself, Bungle666 and Havoc we managed to get Mr Mister X banned from Derelict Places, what a way to win. Great.

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ISIS GROUP said...

Hahaha sums it up quite nice that ;) was indeed an excellent weekend all round :)