Monday, 7 July 2008

Bennerley Viaduct, Derbys. - FairyGirl's first explore...

Visited with Smileysal and FairyGirl, who at 4 years old actually moans less than Havoc in a drain, which is a bonus. For want of something to do on a Saturday afternoon we settled on this, an easy explore, but worth it for the marvellous Victorian ironwork viaduct and odd looks from people passing by on the trains below.

Constructed by German convict labour in 1877 it didn't even make it through 100 years of a working life, closed in 1973. Incredibly it was to be demolished but the outrageous cost of demolition at the time saved the 1400metre structure which is now Grade Two listed.

The funniest thing about this one was the fact that FairyGirl was less scared than Sal who was all for rushing over the span while me an FG were taking in the views and stopping for pics.

Was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and FairyGirls first explore.

Mendo :)

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1 comment:

Sally-Ann said...

That was a cool explore. Can't believe she wanted to keep walking back and forth across the dam thing.

Loved the views tho. And FG loved it. Now wants to know when she can come out with us exploring again? ;)