Thursday, 31 January 2008

I'd completely forgotten I picked this up. 31/01/08

I was rummaging through my camera bag today, having a bit of a clear out of all that random shit that tends to wind up stuffed in a forgotten pocket. And so it was that I found the card pictured above, The Premier Moor System - Thought Control - Substitution.

What with all my recent woe and bad luck, I considered it a rather serendipitous find, and it came at just the right time too, the day after my gran's funeral.

Although the language of the card is somewhat dated, I'm guessing 1920s/30s, the message is fairly clear, 'stop moping and start thinking positively'. And that is what I fully intend to do, it can't hurt to try can it?

The card reads as follows.

It is absolutely essential that you dwell upon the positive side of life, and for that reason you must never allow yourself to become discouraged or pessimistic, for example, If when you are about to go out it commences to rain, then you must not mentally say 'How unfortunate I am, it always rains when I go out' but rather you must substitute this thought with 'How fortunate I am to have an umbrella and rainproof,' further what a blessing rain is for it is impossible to live without water.

By this method of 'substitution' you will gradually change yourself into a positive optimistic, cheerful and happy individual, to whom friends are naturally attracted.

TnM :->

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