Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Eastlink Ferro Alloys, Glossop - 11/11/07.

Well this was a pleasant surprise. A bunch of us checked this place out earlier this year only to find the place locked up tight. I had a couple of appointments in Glossop on Friday with an hour inbetween them so thought I'd head over and have a look.

The place was wide open! So, there I am halfway over the gate when some geezer walks out of one of the buildings and clocks me, 'Oy, what the **?!**? hell do you think your doing?', cue shaking of fist in my general direction, I slunk off back to the car.

An hour and a half later I returned and watched as the three guys onsite locked up and buggered off, by this time though it was half four, dark and starting to rain, so I called it a day.

Sunday comes around and I'm back in Glossop with more time inbetween appointments, sadly though, I'm wearing a suit, not ideal for exploring, but, needs must, and I'm off over the gate and onsite snapping away!!

The place closed I think in 2004 and produced ferro molybdenum for the world’s steel makers, which means absolutely nothing to me. All I know is it's industrial, dirty and downright photogenic, that ticks all the boxes for me!!
I reckon there's more to come from this site, and would have been if I had been suitably attired.

TnM :->

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Dodge said...

I like it very nice explore sit

Mendoza said...

I am sat.? lol

Feral Allies said...

Please may I use a couple of your pics on here:


Mendoza said...

Looking at the link you provided you already are, and on top of that you've cropped off my watermark and not even had the decency to credit where the pictures were sourced.

Amend the pictures to include my watermark and include my blog address and I'll be happy to let you use them, otherwise I would ask that you take them down off the Facebook site.


Mendo :)

Ryan said...

Everything has gone of the site now apart from the chimney. just a bunch of ruble.

preeti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
preeti said...

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