Friday, 28 September 2007

Brunner Mond, Lostock - 28/09/07

I've lost count of the number of times I've driven past this immense place, usually on my way to Tesco's in Northwich for a Meat Feast pizza (2 for 4quid, bargain people, thin&crispy, mind), and the number of times I asked myself, 'wonder what it's like in there, at night, in September, maybe on a Thursday, with a skinhead from Stockport?'.

Well, I stopped asking myself and started recceing the place instead, and for a few nights over the last couple of weeks I found myself wandering round the outside of the fence, peering through holes and generally being a nosey bugger.

Then, last night, all the planning paid off. Initially this was supposed to be a three person trip but Dodge was celebrating his birthday, and with the imminent return of my missus from her business trip, this was going to be the last night I would have to get out and do something daft, for a while, anyway, I am SO under the thumb.

The plans were in place, 11pm we were going in. Well, eleven o'clock came and went cos we were in Tesco's, and Havoc, who'd come dressed like a Star Wars reject (I said dark clothes, mate, not Darth, at least you weren't wearing your feathery chav shoes lol) wanted to scare some of the locals in his jackboots and threatening Stockport drawl. Unfortunately, he chose a healthy pasta salad, and we all laughed at him, even the Scouse lady and I've never seen her laugh.

Access to the site was simple enough, though with the place lit up like Blackpool illuminations, staying hidden wasn't going to be simple. Aware that we were likely going to bump into Brunner Mond personnel, as I had done on one of my recces, we proceeded cautiously and carefully into the bowels of the factory.

Creeping around, jumping at the sound of clanking machinery, pipes that randomly go 'Pffsssshhh', freezing on the spot everytime we saw a bit of tape flapping in the wind in the distance, nerves, understandably, were on edge, and I'll tell you what, it was bloody warm in there. Although I blame myself for that, what with two pairs of trousers, two pairs of socks, a t-shirt, a jumper, THE exploring cardigan and a hat, and a scarf...and a jacket, well, the nights are drawing in, aren't they. :-<

We settled in after about twenty or so minutes on site, which didn't last very long at all, I spotted a security patrol away in the distance and I'm pretty sure he spotted me. Havoc launched himself at breakneck speed through the factory, I sort of ambled along behind him grumbling about the route he'd chosen, straight through a whiffy puddle that smelt rather strongly of ammonia.

Finding a dark corner, we laid low near the disused power station and discussed our options, 'well, we've come this far', 'indeed, let's stick around'. So, we took some pictures, obviously.

Relaxing slightly we continued the explore, moving through testing areas, offices, store rooms etc, all the time heading closer to the evening's objective, the silos that form one of the main parts of the site.

Creeping closer and heading into what is one of the more active areas. Areas where we knew security and workers were likely to be. And they were.


Slipping quietly closer to a canteen we came across a vending machine, exploring, being thirsty work, we headed toward it, sadly, for us, a chap walked around the corner, straight into us, at which point we ran, like Forrest Gump, maybe a little quicker, straight back to the shadowy area of the site.

Run Forrest, run! And this time, I really did.

A quick meeting at that point, the decision was made, get the hell out of there, it was approaching 2am, security would be all over us, three strikes and your out.

Quickly off site and back to the car to toast Dodge's birthday and a mostly successful explore with a beer (only one, mind).

Thanks for joining me Havoc, it wouldn't have been half as much fun without you, rofl, no way!

It was certainly an interesting night, I just can't stop laughing to myself about the poor chap who bumped into us, I wonder what he told his wife?


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Havoc said...

Star Wars Reject!!! lol you said come in black, so i did you Kosovan refugee with that russian looking hat ha ha.

Fabtastic night and well done for the recon mate.

Some very very impressive pics too mate ;)

Mendoza said...

Hahaha, it was better than fabtastic, mate, truly stunning. The hard work and recce's paid off, well worth the effort. I think picture wise, we did pretty well. Fancy a return trip? TnM :->

Steve said...

WOW top shit!

Main silo shed looks like an exact replica of Wallerscote.

Love the text really well written and thought out.

Really love the fact you decided to make a can of coke purchase!! LOL

THe worker would have gone home at 430am woke his wife up screaming

"I bumped into two SICK PUPPYS tonight, taking pictures, dressed in black, one of them had x2 pairs of pants on, they were taking pictures of the vending machine I think!"


1. Why x2 pairs of pants! are you mad?!!
2. Post a picture of THE cardigan
3. Did the infamous Mendoza tripod make an appearance?

Again some good SHIT!

Mendoza said...

Cheers dude. In answer to your questions.

1. I thought it was going to be a cold, cold night, so I had many layers on. In hindsight, too many layers.
2. There are NO pictures of THE cardigan, it has a stealth mode ;->
3. The tripod was in FULL effect, but it won't do uprights, the camera slowly finds it's way to pointing at the floor halfway through an exposure.

Im still giggling over this one now, it's the best night out I've had in Northwich for some time!!