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Amber Dye Works - 22/09/07


Ok, I said I would get round to writing a few words about our trip to this place, just taken me a little longer than I expected!!

This was one of a few places on a list that Havoc had come up with in the area of Belper, Derbyshire, and as we drove past the wireworks on the way in, and drove past the wireworks on the way in, and drove past...(you get the idea, the warehouses are huge!!), we thought we would carry on and do Stevenson's Dyers first.

Our first sight of the place looked promising ;->, security on the main gate, cctv camera pointing at us, no worries, there was a footpath down the side of the place, must be worth a look. So, we found ourselves on site, and cautiously made our way around, wary in case we walk into any further security measures, we didn't, happy days!! The place is an interesting mix of large empty warehouse type buildings to smaller office type places. The power is still on, with computer servers still humming away, and phone lines still connected, makes you wonder, who is paying the bills?

Started in 1865 Stevensons was transformed from a small family business to one which occupied a 17 acre site adjacent to the River Amber, in Derbyshire. The factory closed as a dye works in December 2006, although there is still some activity on the site, I really couldn't tell you what this entails or elaborate on that matter.

A brief article from the BBC about the closure can be found here.

And some interesting, historical pictures can be found on this link, you may recognise the 'bridge' in my photgraph, although taken from the opposite direction, I think it makes interesting viewing.


Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

*EDIT* It seems I haven't taken into account people use web browsers other than IE and viewing the slideshow may be problematic, in fact you'll probably only see a random set of tags below, anyway, you can see a larger version of it here

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