Monday, 15 September 2008

Crisp Delf mine...I banged me noggin...then saw doggers..

..caught it a real cracker on an outcrop of rock, surprised it didn't bring the roof down I hit it that hard. I'm left with a slight cut and a lump for the memory, just goes to show why baseball caps aren't considered PPE.

Moving on though, this place is massive, the galleries and side chambers suck up light like a black hole, which is essentially what it is. Located in the Northern badlands of 'just near Wigan but not Wigan, or Skelmersdale but somewhere inbetween'. Couldn't tell you a thing about it though, beyond how big, dangerous and fun it is.

Bits of the roof were falling down around me as I was taking pics, not big bits of roof, but if enough of them decided to drop at once, Mendo would be skinnier than ever, kinda pancake thin. Something to think about that, pancakes.

Anywho, we (me, Bungle, Stoka, Bigjobs and Littlejobs) spent a good couple of hours mooching around taking in the sights and struggling to fill the place light. Was pretty good fun, apart from banging my head. Banging your head on something solid and immovable...well, I was always gonna come off second best.

Then we saw doggers.

M ;->

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1 comment:

Dodgicity said...

Good shit! like it a lot, underground, big, like big butts fame. A+++++++