Friday, 1 August 2008

Cathedral Steps, Manchester...Errrmm..

It's difficult to think of a site that has caused more arguments, more aggro, more falling out and hassle than Cathedral Steps. Yeah, the access comes in two flavours, easy, or a bit harder. But I'm really struggling to understand why people have felt so protective over this one.

Fair play to Userscott and Stepping Lightly for their sterling efforts in finding a way in in the first place, it's pretty interesting to say the least, but for me, that was where the interesting bit ended. It's a fooked up old air raid shelter under the streets of Manchester, sure, there are some nice remnants left over from the Second World War, I liked those bits, the posters, signs and whatnot. But maybe I've missed the 'interesting boat', maybe I've seen too many pictures, too many 'reports'. Maybe I've seen too many online arguments and disagreements about who should and shouldn't be allowed to see it.

Maybe I've overdosed on Cathedral Steps, in the same vein as Fletcher's paper mill or High Royds Hospital. Maybe people are too keen to follow in the steps of others and follow them too soon and too often.

I'm not blazing a trail, far from it, just quietly working my way through things, Cathedral Steps is off the list and in my opinion, it really wasn't worth the wait.

Mendo :)

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scrappy said...

good report there mendo, its somewhere i want to go but not in a rush to get there really! your definatly handy with a camera, do you take a bad photo

Mendoza said...

I take lots of bad photos, just don't post them lol

..although that is debatable sometimes

M ;->

bungle666 said...

hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm i can se your point mate, but its worth trying to protect as it is pretty un molested!!

anyhow good pics mate!!!


FknSamuelBonney said...

OKAY. Firstly, thank you very much for the meet shame about the lack of drains but it was great meeting yourself and everyone.

I agree with what you say about 'The Steps' entirely and I could sum-up the whole place in two words "Overrated sh*te" -- screw the politics (I'm going to end up offending loads of people :P). I'll get my photo(s) up in about twothousand years (computers, pah!)

Sam, "Serial rant".

c ksd11 said...
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