Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Making headlines. Mendoza and miracles 19/12/07

Seems the Knutsford Guardian were hot to trot with the tale of my recent accident, must have been a slow news week or something. In typical KG style they managed to make a story out of not very much. And they got their facts wrong, there were only four cars and one van.

Still, nothing like spicing things up, I particularly like the sub-heading 'House shook as cars crashed', well, I can tell you it wasn't the only thing fooking shaking, Andrew McCreaddie. And the quote from Alan Newnes 'It was complete bedlam' he said. 'One of the cars looked like it had almost disintegrated', Alan, you should have seen it from my perspective, I thought I was disintegrating!!

And this talk of miracles? I quote from halfway through the story (you'd think a miracle would have made it into the opening paragraph, wouldn't you, especially at this time of year!!):

Miraculously, though, no one was seriously injured but a street light was demolished.

Miraculously? 'Tis the season for miracles, you wait til the 25th, I'm gonna walk on water.

TnM :->

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1 comment:

bungle666 said...

come on mendoza, its about time we had an update!!!!