Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I've lost the exploring beanie!! 18/12/07

I'm really quite annoyed at the minute.

There I am quietly driving home, thinking about stopping at my beloved Tesco's and picking up a glorious meat feast pizza or two when BANG! Something happened.

It was only about two hours ago and I'm still not sure what's just gone on. All I can recall is the screech of tyres, an explosion of airbags, uncontrollable spinning, a lot of swearing and two blokes standing by the remains of my drivers side window asking me if I'm ok.

It seems somebody, don't know who, I didn't see them, pulled in front of me travelling in the opposite direction. I was doing fifty, I'd imagine they were doing the same.

It hurts hitting a large metal object at that speed. Right now my left thumb is in agony, aching of the chest and lower back, left knee hurts, right eyelid and a bump to the noggin.

I should consider myself lucky though, I was able to walk away, although a little bit dazed, and riduculously high blood pressure, I've never been in a situation like it, hope I never am again, either.

And somewhere in the wreckage of my car is the exploring beanie, which must have shot off my head at quite a speed, I'm hoping it's on the back seat. There were five cars involved all in. It could have been so much worse.

Although I doubt any of the people who were asking about my welfare on the side of the road as I wandered about in a daze read this, I think I owe them I huge thanks, I couldn't have got out of my car without them.

TnM :(

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1 comment:

Dodge said...


I can't picture the logistics of how it all happened, but HOLY SHIT! You been to A+E?

The person that hit you what happened to their car?

That is one lucky escape