Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Brunner Mond, Winnington 09/10/07

What started as a chance remark after our recent trip to Brunner Mond's Lostock site, something along the lines of, 'well, we're on a hat trick now, aren't we', turned into a couple of nights of me (being closest), once again, mooching round Northwich in the early hours, looking for access to the mother of all Northwich industry, Brunner Mond, Winnington.

Finding site access proved simple enough, but this place is a constant hive of activity, with an extremely active (and effective-ish) security presence, being on site for about ten minutes we encountered a foot patrol, who called for back up in the shape of a 4x4 with a couple of dudes in it. We hit the deck, thus marking the start of a 4 or 5 hour game of hide and seek, the consequences of losing...well...fook it, we didn't intend losing...

So, after hiding out in some bushes for a while, we made our way further into the site, which is lit up in all directions, casting huge comedy shadows, wither you look and wither you run. The noise from the site is incredible, as various automated processes to deliver different materials from one end of the place to the other, start up, unexpectedly, around you.

Flitting about the site from shadow to shadow, stopping now and then to take a picture, or spotting site personnel, we managed to stay ahead of security, until we headed deep into the belly of the beast. Havoc, leading the way, jumped into a 'soda corridor', I followed a minute later. Kicking up a dry cloud of soda dust as we climbed the stairs, hoping to head up to the top of the silos', it was a no go, back down the stairs to our access point.


One of the security 4x4s was parked right outside, Havoc, clumsy tw*t, went arse over tit on a squishy patch of soda ash, I legged it back inside, Havoc followed, the cloud we'd created at this point was all over the room, up a set of stairs, hoping to get along and back down, shit, no go, again, back down the stairs, over a small soda mountain onto a soda conveyor, out the door and head first into a handy clump of reeds.

By this point we were covered in the white stuff (soda ash, people, keep it clean), from head to toe, it was in our eyes, noses and mouths. Not for the first time this evening, we laid low for 15 or twenty minutes and discussed a plan of action. The plan said, it's time to leave.

Security, on the other hand, had different ideas. Heading back towards our access point, security. Back into the shadows. Tried a different route, security. This wasn't good. It was getting on for half three in the morning, I had to be up for work at half seven. Third point, security. These guys meant business.

We eventually managed to get off site sometime between four and four thirty AM, it was raining, we were grubby, grumpy, tired and wet (the three other dwarfs decided not to come).

But at least security hadn't collared us. A fantastic site, very hard work, but well worth the effort.


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Havoc said...

A night truly to remember this one, Intense,Insane and to be continued.

Nice pics as usual too mate ;)

Havoc & Mendoza 3 - Brunner Mond 0

Steve said...

Good stuff ;- )

Mendoza said...

Cheers chaps, as ever.



CopySix said...

wOw - - these images are excellent - A very interesting location. If this was within driving distance, I'd be there . . .

Thanks !

~ CopySix

Mendoza said...

Driving distance from Canada?? Haha, I don't think so, thanks for the comment. I like your blog, by the way, keep it up, fancy sticking a link up? I'd be happy to do the same.


Steve said...

Copysix how did you find the secret diaries of Mendoza?

Mendoza said...

Ste, it's all to do with the magical power of nosey goodness!! I'll explain it to you next time we're out.