Sunday, 27 April 2008

Bunker Drain, Warrington - It's HUGE!

Having been meaning to crack on with some more underground stuff this year someone suggested we have a look at the immense Bunker in Warrington. Located south of the town centre five of us met up on a warm Friday evening.

Myself, Gibbo, Bungle, Lawrence and Havoc found ourselves standing in the pitch blackness, a couple of pigeons flapping about in the chamber, causing an eerie echo from the huge RCP that led away into a dark labyrinthe of concrete.

We headed into the pipe, being careful not to step on the multitude of wildlife swimming around our feet, eels and fish, then hundreds of frogs lined the path into the heart of the drain. Before long we came to a huge stepped chamber, our first taste of the underground architecture that has brought drainers from across the country to visit this behemoth.

We spent twenty or so minutes, maybe longer, photographing the chamber from various angles, waving torches and taking it in, before heading off up one of the pipes that leads off, and up Various small (5 or 6 foot) stepped waterfalls.

Eventually we arrived at the Giant Stairway, and it really is GIANT, 6, 7 or 8 (I forget) five foot high steps, cascading a steady stream of water downward, it was a magical sight, one that in the dark was difficult to take in all at once. Cameras came out once more, cue shouting, echo, 'eh?', shout, 'what?' 'can't fooking hear ya!' 'eh?', yeah, it was like that.

We continued through the drain, passing various industrial size chambers, valves, climbed up ladders, climbed back down, it was exhausting, the temperature took us somewhat by surprise, I even removed the exploring beanie at one point.

Eventually, we reached the end of the drain, the dropshaft, or as far as we we're willing to travel in one night. We split up around this area, some going up, others staying down, before heading off back our entry point, it took us forty minutes, non-stop walking to get back, by the end of it we were exhausted, wet, sweaty and tired.

Above all, I was grumpy, but what a night, and what an introduction to draining, I can't wait for the next one.

TnM :->

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c ksd11 said...

haha you have been busy indeed! good stuff, the second shot is mint

Anonymous said...

looks great!

whereabouts exactly in warrington is this?

Mendoza said...

I'm not going to post access details on a publicly viewable site. Why not join an urban exploration forum like derelictplaces or the more locally based northwestexploration and get yourself known as an explorer, for all I know you could work for United Utilities.

Mendo :->

thecleaner said...

awesome pics - have followed JD's exploits for awhile now and have seen Bunker before, however, your pics are really quite strong and vibrant - excellent stuff